Who Is The Highest Paid Neurosurgeon?

How much does a top neurosurgeon make?

Salary: US$810,192 Medical Group Management Association found that the highest median compensation for general neurosurgery was around $823,213 and $719,805 for pediatric neurosurgery..

How much do 2020 neurosurgeons make?

Neurosurgeon SalaryPercentileSalaryLast Updated10th Percentile Neurosurgeon Salary$324,504September 25, 202025th Percentile Neurosurgeon Salary$462,801September 25, 202050th Percentile Neurosurgeon Salary$614,701September 25, 202075th Percentile Neurosurgeon Salary$777,801September 25, 20201 more row

Who is the richest neurosurgeon in the world?

1. Patrick Soon-Shiong. Patrick Soon-Shiong is a South African-born American surgeon, professor and researcher, entrepreneur, businessman, and philanthropist.

Where are neurosurgeons paid the most?

Neurosurgeon Best States Our research found that Wyoming is the best state for neurosurgeons, while Indiana and Wyoming are ranked highest in terms of median salary. Wyoming has a median salary of $204,683 and Indiana has the highest median salary among all 50 states for neurosurgeons.