What Is The Definition Of Inaccurate?

What does historically inaccurate mean?

not completely correcta situation in which a fact or measurement is not completely correct or exact: The film is full of historical inaccuracies..

Should movies be historically accurate?

At the most basic level, historical accuracy is impossible due to the nature of film production realities such as using actors, costumes and sets to recreate the historical narrative. Even if these achieve a consensus of accuracy among historians, these aesthetics only create an illusion of the past.

How do you use inaccurate in a sentence?

1) It was good drama, but historically inaccurate. 2) All the maps we had were wildly inaccurate. 3) The book is both inaccurate and exaggerated. 4) Statistical graphs may be inaccurate and misleading.

What is another word for inaccurate?

SYNONYMS FOR inaccurate inexact, loose; erroneous, wrong, faulty.

Is inaccurate or Unaccurate?

As adjectives the difference between unaccurate and inaccurate. is that unaccurate is not accurate while inaccurate is mistaken or incorrect; not accurate.

What is the opposite of inaccurate?

not exact. “an inaccurate translation”; “the thermometer is inaccurate” Antonyms: surgical, hi-fi, close, true, right, dead on target, high-fidelity, faithful, accurate, straight, veracious, dead-on(a)

What does distorted mean?

adjective. not truly or completely representing the facts or reality; misrepresented; false: She has a distorted view of life. twisted; deformed; misshapen. mentally or morally twisted, as with an aberration or bias: He has a distorted sense of values.

What does off the mark mean?

not accurate or correct: not accurate or correct : not achieving the desired result Their estimates were completely off the mark. His efforts to console her were off the mark.

What does it mean to be historically accurate?

A historically accurate picture of a time portrays it just right. If your model of a 1950’s soda shop is historically accurate, your grandmother will love it. Historically refers to things that have happened throughout history or somehow relate to history.

What accuracy means?

the condition or quality of being true, correct, or exact; freedom from error or defect; precision or exactness; correctness. Chemistry, Physics. the extent to which a given measurement agrees with the standard value for that measurement. Compare precision (def. 6).

What do you mean by inaccurate?

not completely correctnot completely correct or exact, or not able to do something correctly or exactly: Their estimate of the cost of the project was wildly (= extremely) inaccurate. an inaccurate device/weapon.

What does portrayal mean?

English Language Learners Definition of portrayal : the act of showing or describing someone or something especially in a painting, book, etc. : the way in which an actor plays a character. See the full definition for portrayal in the English Language Learners Dictionary. portrayal. noun.