Quick Answer: What Is The Rarest Female Personality Type?

What is the rarest personality type?

INFJOf the 16 personality types, INFJ, aka introversion, intuition, feeling, and judging, is the rarest Myers-Briggs type, accounting for roughly 1.5% of people who take the test, according to data from the Myers & Briggs Foundation..

What is the smartest personality type?

The most intelligent by average type – measured on raw intellectual force – is INTP. This is no surprise. INTP has Ti (introverted thinking) as the primary function and Ne (extroverted intuition) as the auxiliary function. INTJ (my own type) is the second.

Are Intj females attractive?

INTJ women and men are attractive because they’re extremely independent and INTJs are natural leaders. They want to find love, but they are particular, so it takes a lot to impress them. This is the case for both INTJ women and INTJ men.

What are female INTJs like?

Female INTJs are both logical and objective, and they put logic above nurturing and their feelings. Female INTJs tend to be gifted and/or highly competent. Female INTJs are more rare than any other group. INTJs tend to be male — about 2% of the population.

Which personality type has the highest IQ?

Originally Answered: Which personality type has the highest IQ scores, in average? INTPs created the IQ test, so its skewed in their favor of making themselves the highest.

INFJINFJ is the rarest type in the population. It is the least common type among men, and the third least common among women (after INTJ and ENTJ).

Which is the most attractive personality type?

Here’s The Most Attractive Thing About You Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality TypeESFP – Your confidence. You’re sexy and you know it. … INFP – Your depth. There is infinitely more to you than meets the eye and your slightly mysterious vibe is compelling. … ISTJ – Your reliability. … ESFJ – Your togetherness.

How rare is a female Intj?

08% of the population. Of course, I don’t expect you to understand me and I’m confident enough to not care.

What was Jesus personality type?

ENFJOn the Internet (but I think that’s true) it is said that Jesus was an ENFJ. He was kind and sensitive, open to people and fully aware of their emotions (Fe). He was really intuitive and abstract in thinking and communicating, being a mystical philosopher (Ni).

Which personality type is the kindest?

If You Have These 12 Characteristics, You’re A Member Of The Kindest Personality Type | Istj personality, Personality types, Personality types meyers briggs.

Which personality type is most likely to have depression?

Two Personality Types that Are Most Susceptible to Depression. People high in neuroticism (very emotionally sensitive) and introverts are two personality types more likely to experience negative thoughts research finds. In addition, being introverted is linked to spontaneously remembering more negative life events.