Question: How Much Is Epocrates?

How much is the Epocrates app?

Add powerful disease content and more You’ll also have access to labs and diagnostic information, saving you time in the moments of care.

Subscribe for just $174.99/year or $16.99/month..

What are drug monographs?

A drug monograph is a predetermined checklist covering active ingredients, doses, formulations and product labeling that the agency considers generally safe and effective for self use.

Who runs Medscape?

At one time Medscape published seven electronic peer reviewed journals….Medscape.Type of siteHealth informationOwnerWebMDURLMedscape.comAlexa rank2,817 (As of January 2020)RegistrationRequired3 more rows

Does athenahealth have an app?

athenahealth will be debuting Epocrates Connect, a mobile app that directly connects into a provider’s EHR system, at HIMSS 2018 next week. The system uses machine learning and language processing to give providers access to information and coordinate patient care no matter the EHR or care setting.

What is the best Pharmacology app?

Here is a list of the best pharmacy technician apps for Android and iOS.EPOCRATES. … iPHARMACY. … POCKET PHARMACIST. … MPR. … THE SKYSCRAPE MEDICAL LIBRARY. … MEDSCAPE. … iTRIAGE. … MICROMEDEX DRUG INFORMATION. Microemedex Drug Information is a highly comprehensive database of drug, disease, and policy information for pharmacy technicians.More items…•

Is there an app for drug interactions?

Micromedex currently has a stand-alone drug interaction checker available on the iOS and Android devices based upon their Micromedex 2.0 system.

What apps do doctors use?

Top Medical Apps for DoctorsEpocrates. Epocrates is one of the most popular online doctor apps available for iOS and Android devices. … PEPID. … UpToDate. … Medscape. … MedPage Today. … DynaMed Plus. … Lexicomp. … 3D4Medical.More items…•

How can I get free Epocrates?

To take advantage of this offer, simply go to the product page, select your medical school and mobile platform, and then click “Get It Now”. From there, log into the Epocrates website with your Epocrates ID or create an account to gain access to the app for free.

Is epocrates a credible source?

Epocrates is a reliable, comprehensive, and easily navigable service for looking up information about medications: uses, dosing, contraindications, reactions, interactions, pregnancy, pharmacology, and more. The search function works well and is forgiving for the poor speller.

Is Epocrates app free?

(It’s free!) Epocrates free started as a searchable drug reference, listing all of the US FDA approved prescription drugs and their individual details, including: Generic & trade names. A trade name is the patented, original version of a drug that is usually more expensive, such as Prozac.

What does epocrates mean?

Epocrates is a mobile medical reference app, owned by Watertown, Massachusetts-based athenahealth, that provides clinical reference information on drugs, diseases, diagnostics and patient management.

What are the best apps for medical students?

Highly Rated Educational Apps for Medical Students:Medscape Mobile (4.4 Stars from 43,449 Reviewers) … Human Anatomy Atlas (4.3 Stars from 1,886 Reviewers) … Brainscape via iTunes (4 Stars from 73 Reviewers, All Versions: 4.5 Stars from 5,849) … IM (i.e. Internal Medicine) Essential Flashcards (4.5 Stars from 42 Reviewers)

Is lexicomp app free?

New individual users will receive a one month free trial to Lexicomp Hospital Pharmacist Package. At the end of the free trial, users will automatically be billed $29.99 per month via their iTunes Account for continuing access.

What is the Best Medical App for iPhone?

Top 10 free medical iPhone appsEpocrates – The Epocrates iPhone application allows the user to view continually updated clinical data. … Skyscape Medical Resources – Skyscape provides a collection of medical information and decision for healthcare professionals.More items…

What information is available with all Epocrates software?

The clinician’s indispensable multi-tool With valuable features including drug information, interaction check, pill identification, clinical practice guidelines, and formulary, epocrates is essential to the busy provider.

What is general monograph used for?

These general monographs give requirements that are applicable to all products in the given class or, in some cases, to any product in the given class for which there is a specific monograph in the Pharmacopoeia (see 1. General Notices, General monographs).

How do I delete my Epocrates account?

If you wish to cancel your account or request that we no longer use your information to provide you services, contact us at

What is clinical content?

Clinical content refers to the various checklists, documents, and forms that address an area of medicine when using an EHR. For example, a pediatric practice would be interested in documentation tools for a newborn visit. Not all EHRs have clinical content for all areas of medicine.

How do you write a prescription?

How to Write a Prescription in 4 PartsPatient’s name and another identifier, usually date of birth.Medication and strength, amount to be taken, route by which it is to be taken, and frequency.Amount to be given at the pharmacy and number of refills.Signature and physician identifiers like NPI or DEA numbers.