Question: How Do You Cite A Lexicomp Database?

How do I reference Lexi comp?

Format and Example – Lexicomp, MicroMedex, RxTx In: (Specific database title).

Publication City, State/Province: Publisher.

[drug updated (if not given, then use date published); access date].


How much does epocrates cost?

epocrates pricing starts at $174.99 per year. There is a free version.

What is the purpose of pharmacy drug database?

[Drug Data Summary] DPIN facilitates payment administration for eligible drug costs, incorporating functions such as real-time adjudication, and collects high-quality data on all prescriptions issued to Manitobans, such as drug, dosage, and prescription date.

How can I get free lexicomp?

On your iOS device, tap on the App Store icon and search for Lexicomp. Select Lexicomp and tap Get or Free, then Install, or the small cloud with a downward arrow, and enter your iTunes password (if prompted) and tap OK. Open the Lexicomp app on your device.

How do you cite a drug insert?

Please use the following format. Drug name [package insert]. Place of publication: Manufacturer’s name; Year of publication.

What is the lexicomp drug reference database?

Whether you are prescribing, fulfilling, or administering medications, Lexicomp provides evidence-based referential drug information for hospital and retail pharmacists, physicians, dentists and nurses to confidently make drug decisions for each unique patient, and to support the appropriate and safe use of medications …

How do you cite a drug website?

Drug Monographs: Web site title. Date of first publication [amended date; date cited]. In: database name [Internet]. Place of publication: Publisher.

How do I cite MicroMedex?

Citing Micromedex using APADrug and Disease information: FORMAT. Name of drug or disease: Section title. (copyright year of database). … Drug Interactions: FORMAT. Name of drug 1, drug 2, & drug 3. (copyright year of database). … CareNotes: FORMAT. Entry or condition: Type of notes used (language). (copyright year).

How do you cite a database in APA?

The name of the database or archive is provided in the source element (in title case without italics), the same as a publisher name, and followed by a period. After the database or archive information, also provide the DOI or URL of the work.

How do I renew my lexicomp subscription?

Lexicomp App Renewals Access Lexicomp and click on the link on the right-hand menu for ‘Mobile App Access. ‘ Select your platform (e.g. iOS or Android) and new or existing account, then make a note of the authorization code provided. Access and login with your Lexicomp login/password.

How do you cite Lexicomp drug information?

Format for Citing Lexicomp Online Drug Name. In: Specific Lexicomp Online Database [database on the Internet]. Hudson (OH): Lexicomp Inc.: publication year [updated Day Mon. Year; cited Day Mon.

How do I cite the lexicomp app?

List the title and a description of the database used.Example: Lexicomp (2018). Lexi-CLINICAL SUITE [Mobile application software].If there is a version number, include that in parentheses before the brackets. For example: Lexicomp (2018). Lexi-CLINICAL SUITE (Version 1.17. 32) [Mobile application software].