How Do You Cite UpToDate Drug Information?

How do you cite a drug monograph?

Drug Monographs: Date of first publication [amended date; date cited].

In: database name [Internet].

Place of publication: Publisher.

Copyright date – ..

Can I cite UpToDate?

Citing an UpToDate topic Cite the UpToDate topic as a chapter in a book titled UpToDate, edited by Ted. W. Post, published by UpToDate in Waltham, MA. There are no page numbers to cite, and the publication year for any topic should be the current year.

How do you cite Lexicomp drug information?

Format for Citing Lexicomp Online Drug Name. In: Specific Lexicomp Online Database [database on the Internet]. Hudson (OH): Lexicomp Inc.: publication year [updated Day Mon. Year; cited Day Mon.

Is UpToDate a reliable source?

UpToDate is often referred to as an evidence-based resource, however the resource is not strictly evidence based. While UpToDate topic reviews are based on the literature and incorporate findings into the information provided, the authors do not perform systematic reviews of the literature on a topic.

How do you reference drugs com?

Page Title; Copyright; [Date page last updated; Date of citation]. URL. For Example: [Internet].

How do you cite UpToDate database?

How to Cite the UpToDate Database in APA StyleUse the authors of the article as the authors in the reference.For the year in the reference, use the year listed after “this topic last updated.”For the title, use the title of the article.More items…•

How do you cite UpToDate in APA?

Q. How do you cite UpToDate in APA format?Use the year of last update for the date (2018 in the example above).Include the retrieval date since the content of UpToDate is designed to change over time and versions of content are not archived.In the reference list, italicize UpToDate.

How do you cite a website that has been updated?

Determining Website Dates If multiple dates are provided, use the most recent date on which the content was changed. For example, if the site says the content was first published in 2010 and last updated on August 6, 2016, then use the date 2016 in the in-text citation and reference list.

What is the lexicomp drug reference database?

Whether you are prescribing, fulfilling, or administering medications, Lexicomp provides evidence-based referential drug information for hospital and retail pharmacists, physicians, dentists and nurses to confidently make drug decisions for each unique patient, and to support the appropriate and safe use of medications …

How do u cite a website?

Cite web postings as you would a standard web entry. Provide the author of the work, the title of the posting in quotation marks, the web site name in italics, the publisher, and the posting date. Follow with the date of access. Include screen names as author names when author name is not known.

How do you cite CDC?

Government ReportCenters for Disease Control and Prevention. ( 2014). … First citation: (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC], 2014)Subsequent citations: (CDC, 2014)First citation: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC], (2014)Subsequent citations: CDC (2014)

How do you cite a drug insert?

Please use the following format. Drug name [package insert]. Place of publication: Manufacturer’s name; Year of publication.