Can I See A Private Doctor Without A Referral?

Do I need a referral to see a private consultant?

If you’re choosing to be a private patient, you’ll generally get a referral from your GP (or local doctor).

This referral letter doesn’t need to be made out to a particular specialist, however it does need to be dated, signed and include any relevant information to qualify for a Medicare rebate..

Can private doctors refer to NHS?

Private GPs are free to refer their patients to the NHS in the same way as NHS GPs can refer their patients to the private sector.

How do I find a private consultant?

Other ways to choose a private consultantTalk to friends and relatives who have had treatment.Research the consultant online either at their own website or their hospital website.Google the consultant to see if there are any positive or negative news reports about them.More items…•

Can I get private treatment on the NHS?

the NHS can’t pay for or subsidise your private hospital treatment. there must be as clear a separation as possible between your private treatment and your NHS treatment. your position on a NHS waiting list shouldn’t be affected if you choose to have a private consultation.

Can I refer myself to a private consultant?

To visit a consultant (medical specialist) you must be referred by a GP. As a public patient, you do not have to pay for the consultant’s services and you do not get to choose your consultant.

Can I self refer to a private consultant?

Private GPs are rare and most people will have a local GP who is part of the NHS. Your private consultant will not know you or your medical history, and so they will need your GP to be involved.